We listen; we think; we ask; we understand; we filter, understand and select; we apply; we respect…

We listen

Every organisation is different; each has unique needs.  So, we take time to understand the internal expectations, market positioning and specific needs of each individual firm that we work for.

We think

We contextualise each client’s needs within our understanding of the shape and direction of the markets that they operate in.  This ensures that we ask exactly the right questions in our research.

We ask

For market information, we draw upon two major research platforms and the relationships built up by our consultants over their lengthy careers in sustainable investment.

SIMI’s consultants all have current active professional exposure to sustainable investment with open channels of access to opinion formers and market leaders across the world and through the investment value chain.

For market data, we have access to:

We filter, understand and select

Responses can easily be misunderstood; data is often misinterpreted; respondents to questions often have hidden agendas; people asking questions often operate with unrecognised bias.

So, we always contextualise and ‘sense-check’ the answers that we receive against other market indicators.  We discard or qualifying misleading signals to ensure that clients are presented with the most relevant and actionable information.

We apply

We help clients to understand the implications of our work for their businesses.  Knowing that the SRI market is forecast to grow most quickly in a particular country, for example, doesn’t tell you what to do about it. We work with clients to advise them on practical applications of our research: from acquisitions to hiring new teams or individuals; from understanding different investment cultures and priorities through to market positioning.

We respect

Respect is central to our ability to operate and leverage our presence in the industry. In our research and analysis we:

  • Respect SRI & corporate governance
    • Our team and partners have long experience of this industry and are committed to its further development.
  • Respect the truth
    • We are 'analysts' rather than 'believers'.  The industry is best-served by robust and accurate information and analysis.  Our research delivers this.  We have no interest in 'research' that generates spurious statistics and 'puff' for marketing purposes.
  • Respect clients' needs and industry context
    • Our USP is our experience and understanding of the dynamics of the SRI & corporate governance market.  We always conduct research within a clear understanding of the market context within which our clients operate and the strategic decisions that they need to make.
  • Respect everyone's time
    • We understand that providing information is not a 'zero cost' activity for anyone.  Wherever possible we thank participants in our surveys or interviews by delivering back to them actionable insights about the industry and their position within it.