In November 2017, SRI-CONNECT and Extel Surveys ran the IRRI 2017 Survey.

We are currently assessing the data from this and are due to release the results at the end of February 2018.

In the coming months, we expect to help asset managers, research providers, listed companies and policy organisations enhance their market positioning by helping them answer the following questions of current market relevance:

For asset managers

  • How will MIFID II implementation affect the resources deployed to SRI/CG investment research?
  • How can I engage my key investors with our sustainability strategy?
  • Where should I be looking to expand my business and should I build or buy?
  • What is my next step in developing an ESG strategy?

For independent research providers

  • What sort of research do asset managers actually want and will pay for?

For ‘sell-side’ research providers

  • How will MIFID affect the way asset managers pay for research and corporate access?

For listed companies

  • Which investors are most interested in the sustainability performance of my company? What issues are they interested in?

In recent years, network consultants have:

  • Developed research-based recommendations to help a global sustainability information provider commercialise its research products and services for the investment market
  • Modelled and forecast SRI/CG research market size for a major credit ratings agency
  • Undertaken investor perception studies with action recommendations for a global NGO and numerous listed companies


Since 2012, SIMI network partner, SRI-CONNECT has partnered with Extel Surveys, the market-leading analysts of investment research to produce the IRRI Survey.  IRRI = Independent Research in Responsible Investment.

The full results of these surveys can be viewed on SRI-CONNECT here: 2012 | 2013 | 2014 | 2015 | 2016.

The results of the most recent survey can be viewed here: IRRI 2017